DARE participated at EOSC Expo2020

The DARE project was accepted to hold an eBooth during the EOSC Projects Expo 2020, the first virtual exhibition, between 16-19 November 2020, showcasing initiatives and projects of the European Open Science Cloud exhibition.

Almost 700 online participants, 33 eBooths from 45 countries made the EOSC Projects Expo a truly international event.

The virtual expo gave the opportunity to the DARE project, amongst other EOSC-related projects, the opportunity to demonstrate the DARE platform, show several material, videos and main project outcomes, thus raising awareness within the community.


To access all exhibitor booths visit: https://www.eosc-hub.eu/events/realising-european-open-science-cloud/exhibitors

The project’s eBooth at the EOSC Expo202o included:

– Video Demonstration of the DARE Platform

Presentation of the EPOS use case

– Presentation of the IS-ENES use case

– Link to DARE publications

– Informative leaflets and Posters