Prof. Atkinson gives a speech to researchers in Athens, Greece

On Thursday 1 February 2018 Prof. Malcolm Atkinson from partner The University of Edinburgh, gave a speech, at the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos campus, entitled “Download considered harmful implies flexible federation framework“.

The talk considered the transition which most uses of data has undergone. Previously, technical limitations led to partitioned approaches. That hid human preferences for avoiding the constraints and obligations of collaboration. Today, our overwhelming wealth of data and rapidly growing capabilities for handling it, have exposed the deep and persistent human traits that limit data use. Frameworks for collaboration have respect such socio-economic and human requirements, otherwise those we most want to collaborate find ways of working outside the framework. This leads to three key elements of future frameworks, each of which must support the necessary diversity, deliver agility and allow humans to take responsibility for their handling and use of data.

The presentation is available here.